When and What

When: We don’t know this exactly but most guess between 30 AD and 33 AD. We do know how old Jesus was when it happened. 33 years old.

What: What event have I been talking about? Well, if you’ve paid attention you’d know that I’m the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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Who and Where

\Who? Who are we talking about? Well, that’s simple, Jesus. He’s the son of God. He sits at the right hand side of God’s throne. He was the one to be crucified.

Where? Where did the event happen? Israel. To be specific, Jerusalem, Israel. That’s where he was killed. That’s where they hung him on a cross.

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The Big 6

The big 6. Who, Where, When, What, How, and Why. I’m not going to answer these today. I’m going to, for three weeks in a row, answer 2 each in blog post.

Yes, we’re getting to the home stretch of this years’ round of posts, but I might, don’t hold me to this, post one or two in the summer. I will also continue posting next school year.

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Go Big Or Go Home

There are different levels of Christianity.

  1. Non-believers
  2. Half-breeds
  3. Purebreds

Okay, so, non-believers speaks for itself. It’s when you don’t believe. Half-breeds are when you say you’re a Christian but you don’t act like it (One way to tell is to see how many of your friends know 100% that your a Christian), and the only time you’re “Christian” is at church. Sometimes not even then.

Purebreds. That’s someone who’s friends know there Christian. They act like it. They believe it. Those are the people we need to be. We can’t just be half in and half out, we need to go all the way in.

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Picture Perfect

Okay, so this weekend I have Picture Day for dance. This got me thinking… pictures can lie. You’re probably thinking, ‘Wait, a picture lying? That doesn’t make sense.’ Well, here’s what I mean: when you take a picture, no matter what mood you’re in, you give the person holding the camera the biggest smile you can muster.

So you see, people’s lives could be terrible, but we look at their pictures and think their lives are perfect. It even goes for celebs! Paparazziย takes those photos, say something about it, when it could be the exact opposite!

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If We’re Honest

(Here’s a link to the song:ย If We’re Honest (Audio)ย  )

Recently I posted about a song called “Alone” by Hollyn. Today I’m going to do something similar. This time the song is “If We’re Honest” by Francesca Battistelli. I believe the songs is about being imperfect, and how love (and God) can heal your pain.

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This weekend (Sunday) is Easter. So in celebration for Easter, I’m going to tell the Easter story.

So it all started on Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode in on the donkey (I’m not going to give too much because I want to focus on different part of the story). Then Judah, one of his 12 disciples, betrayed Jesus and had him arrested, for 30 pieces of silver. The Pharisees didn’t Jesus because he told the people the truth about what they do. Anyway they ended up nailing Jesus to the cross. They put him in a tomb and rolled a stone in front of the door. But 3 days later the stone rolled away and Jesus rose from the dead.

AMAZING RIGHT?!?! He did all that so that we could be forgiven of our sins, and go to heaven. Now if you’re not a Christian but would like to be just pray to God and ask for forgiveness, and become a believer. You can always, if you want or need, talk to me in the comments, I’m almost always available.

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