Hearts of FIRE

Hearts of Fire is a book about Christian women and their challenges. Some of these stories are just… wow! It made me think, you know, everyone will go through challenges eventually. It might not be as bad as some of these stories, but we will go through challenges since we’re  Christians. We might lose a friend, become unpopular, or even be rejected because of our beliefs. Just remember it’s all part of God’s plan and that he loves you with all of his heart.

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You’re probably wondering what I’m sick of. Well I’m sick of sin, pain, and everything bad. I literally CANNOT wait for when God’s gonna set us all straight! But that doesn’t mean we can sit back and watch the world turn into hell! We need to share God’s word and try and change the world for once!

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Captain America

What  does God have to do with an epic action movie? Read on to find out!

Captain America is about the Avengers splitting up, because of an accords. The accords states (in the movie) that the heroes need supervision and that government would decide if they should fight or not. What ends up happening is that only half (for those of you who haven’t seen the movie I won’t spoil it for you) of the Avengers sign it, leaving the others to retire.

After that the movie takes a turn when Cap’s best friend Bucky (the Winter Solider) is framed for bombing a place. Of course it turns into an epic fight.

But the point I’m trying to make is that the accords is kinda like God. He provides supervision and tells you what to do and what not to do.

The friend part is also a part of this because choosing God over sin may cause you to lose some friends.

That, my friends is how God has anything to do with Captain America 3.

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“Children obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.” Colossains 3:20

God tells us to obey our parents more than 25 times. Now I’m posting this because of mothers day and fathers day. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true! The only reason you should not obey your parents is if it goes against God says in the bible. Now I’m not saying you should look for their flaws, but to honor them unless it comes against God. Your parents love ad care for you! they gave you life! I mean the least you could do for them is show them how much you love them!

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Most of the time people fear something whether it be the dark, spiders, or weapons. Did you know that most fear is fear of the future? Well think about it. Your scared a spider will bite you, something will get you in the dark, or a weapon will hurt you.

The one thing we should fear is God’s judgement. But we shouldn’t have to fear other things. 2 Timothy 1:7 says “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind.”

There is no fear in love, for love casts out all fear. Let your faith be bigger than your fears.


Beauty and the Beast

Okay so you most likely looked at the title and thought ” Isn’t that the story where the princess falls in love with the  big, scary beast?” Well yes and no. Today I’m not going to talk about the story I’m going to talk about REAL LIFE. Okay, at least once everyone has of will think “I am not pretty” or ask “Am I pretty”, well I’m going to put the rumors to rest. You are BEAUTIFUL! Psalm 139:14 says “You are BEAUTIFUL, for you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made.” and Proverbs 31:10 says “You are WORTH FAR MORE THAN RUBIES.” So no matter what people tell you or you think, you are EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!

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The Future

Okay so this one post won’t be like the others. In this post i will let you know some of the upcoming topics.

  1. Human Trafficing
  2. Beauty and how you look
  3. Fears
  4. Who are you to God

And many more! So if you have any ideas for a topic just comment them below!

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